Google can turn your Android smartphone into a USB webcam

The webcams that come installed on computers are not very good, so many people tend to opt for an external webcam.

Now it looks like Google may be working on a way to turn your Android phone into a plug-and-play USB webcam.

Mishaal Rahman, a regular Android analyst, revealed today that Google may add support for turning your Android phone into a USB webcam. In the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) repository, there is data that suggests that Android is adding a “DeviceAsWebcam” service.

If you’re not familiar with AOSP, it’s the standard open-source Android operating system development project maintained by Google. It allows anyone to review and contribute code and patches, under Google’s direction and oversight.

This “DeviceAsWebcam” service is described as “a new service that turns an Android device into a webcam”.

Turning your phone into a webcam wouldn’t necessarily be new to Android, but it would the first time Android lets you turn your phone into a webcam without the help of a third-party app.

It is not known whether Google will decide to include this function in a future operating system update.

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