Google Calendar will get even better with the new service update

To all users of the google calendar o Google Calendar, it’s time to update the application for Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as explore the new web version for computers. This service is now even better!

To meet the emerging needs caused by the advent and popularization of remote working, there are new tools in Google Calendar to let your coworkers know, for example, when you are going to work from home.

Google Calendar is thus prepared for remote work.

google calendar
New options coming to the Google Calendar service.

Although part of the workforce is gradually returning to face-to-face work in recent months, remote work is surely here to stay. At the same time, more and more employees are opting for a hybrid regimen, if possible.

It is precisely this hybrid regime – face-to-face and remote (at home) work – that led the American technology company to update its calendar service. Being a popular modality, there are now tools to better manage this hybrid work.

In practice, the user will be able to highlight the location where he will be working for a certain period. That is, you can define in Google Calendar if you will be working eight hours at home, or divide the time into four hours at the office and four hours at home, for example.

As of August 30, we have specific functions for hybrid work

google calendar
New options coming to the Google Calendar service.

The news was published today by Google itself in the “Workspace updates“Starting August 30, it will be possible to share where we are going to work. That way, it will be easier to organize a hybrid schedule.

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This will make it easier for the employer to know where the employee will be working from. Please note that as the images provided by Google demonstrate, it will be more than just a change. There are several fields for granular control.

The Google Calendar user can switch between their main office location, their home (home office), indeterminate location, or “Elsewhere” (anywhere else) that they want to add to the calendar.

Only the admin can set the main office location

google calendar
New options coming to the Google Calendar service.

It should also be noted that only the administrator can define the physical office location, the main location. However, the common user / contributor can adjust other capabilities, controls and settings.

The controls are present in the Settings menu, with some specific points that can be activated / deactivated from the calendar itself.

Finally, administrators can start defining key locations (physical office, for example) starting today. However, these new options can take up to 15 days to be available worldwide.

For employees, however, the new features will only be available from the 30th, strengthening Google Workspace and G Suite. Availability information can be found at Workspaces Page.

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