Google bans VPN services that threaten its advertising business

Google has announced that it will ban Android VPN apps on the Play Store from interfering with or blocking advertising.

This decision will help improve Google’s revenue, but it may cause problems for some apps that need privacy and secure data transmission.

The Google Play Policy Update, which sets out specific requirements for VPN services on Android devices, was announced last month and will go into effect on November 1.

Basically, Google requires all VPN service providers to use Android’s VPNService base class. Apps that explicitly confirm that they offer VPN services and choose to use the Google VPN API will be able to open a secure device-level tunnel to a remote service.

Although, no VPN service should “handle ads that may affect app monetization.”

In other words, VPN service providers will be able to open a secure device-level channel for data exchange that takes place via a remote service. However, the services will need to ensure that the apps and services passing through the VPN tunnel maintain their communication with the ad servers.

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