Google Authenticator now lets you save a backup of codes in the cloud

Google has announced an update to Google Authenticator, for iOS and Android, which adds the ability to make secure backups of your unique codes (also known as one-time passwords or OTPs) into your Google Account.

Google launched Google Authenticator in 2010 as a free and easy way for websites to add two-factor authentication (2FA) using “something you’ve got”, thus bolstering user security when logging in.

One of the main struggles that users have encountered over the years has been the complexity of managing the loss or theft of devices that have Google Authenticator installed.

Since Authenticator one-time codes were only stored on a single device, losing that device meant users lost the ability to log in on any service where they have set up 2FA via Authenticator.

With this update, Google implements a fix for this issue, making unique codes more durable by storing them securely in users’ Google Accounts. This change means users are more protected from lockouts and services can trust users to maintain access, increasing convenience and security.

In addition to one-time Authenticator codes, Google has long offered several options for secure authentication on the web. Google Password Manager securely stores your passwords and helps you sign in faster with Android and Chrome, while Sign in with Google allows users to sign in to a website or application using their Google account.

Google has also been working with industry partners and the FIDO Alliance to provide users with even more convenient and secure authentication offerings in the form of passwords.

To try out the new Authenticator with Google Account Sync, just update the app and follow the instructions.

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