Google again postpones the launch of its most irreverent Pixel smartphone

The foldable smartphone market continues to boom, with more and more tech companies embracing the concept. Google seems to be one of the next to enter this market with the rumored Pixel Fold.

As with its first smartwatch, the rumors about its launch are many and old. However, it seems that it will not be this year when we will finally get to know this smartphone.

Google will have postponed the launch of the Pixel Fold again

It is based on a report by The Elec publication that a further delay in the release of the Pixel Fold is being reported. Therefore, it is unknown when this product will finally be publicly revealed.

pixel fold

Rumors predicted that this product would be released in the last quarter of 2022. A calendar that made it likely that it would be presented in October with the new Pixel 7.

Everything indicates that this will not happen, which pushes the launch date of the long-awaited Pixel Fold to 2023. The reasons for this are related to the fact that the product “is not as complete as Google wants”.

This quote from The Elec’s sources is vague and sheds no light on the real reason for delaying the Pixel Fold’s unveiling. After all, there are numerous details that can delay the launch of such a product.

Developing a foldable smartphone is no easy task for any company due to the many engineering challenges involved with the concept. From a screen that needs to be folded to the separation of its batteries, many things can go wrong during the development period.

Regarding the Pixel Fold, the source points out some details of its screen. In fact, this device should have a 7.57-inch internal screen and a 5.78-inch external screen.

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Google is also likely to use a Tensor processor in its first foldable smartphone. Without a doubt, it will be a new generation SoC with the best features that Google can incorporate into this component.

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