Goodbye Spotify Premium? Wave of cancellations reaches Portugal

Spotify is the world’s most popular service for transmission of music and podcasts, a fact that is agreed among users in Portugal and around the world. Currently, with over half a billion users, the platform outperforms rivals like Apple Music by a wide margin.

However, after realizing the general increases in the different paid plans of this service, the different modalities of Spotify Premium, the discontent of the users was not long in coming. For many, the only possible outcome was the cancellation of the payment method for these music services.

The price increase caused widespread discontent with Spotify

Spotify Premium

It should be noted that for current paid plan subscribers, the price increase will only be felt in September. This is because the Swedish platform decided to give one more month of benefit to current subscribers.

However, when the September invoice arrives, it will already reflect the new ones above. That being said, they now have about a month to decide if they want to keep paying for the service or if it’s time to cancel.

Briefly, we now have the following scenario in Portugal:

  • Premium Plan for Students: from 3.49 euros to 4.49 euro
  • Individual Plan: from 6.99 euros to €7.99
  • Premium Duo Plan: from 9.49 euros to €10.49
  • Family plan: from 11.99 euros to €13.99

Spotify Premium prices also rose in Portugal

Spotify Premium

It was through social networks that users expressed their discontent with this measure of the Nordic company. However, it should be noted that the prices of this service had not been updated for about ten years, so such a change was to be expected, especially given the current global economic scenario.

In many cases we have an increase of 1 euro in the payment plan, but that continues to affect the economy of the subscribers. That being said, for a significant portion of current subscribers, the new premium seems to be indeed excessive, at least judging by their reactions.

Comments about the recent price update call the company greedy, among other less cordial expressions of discontent. By the way, some users claim to cancel this service and opt for alternatives such as the Apple Music service.

With Spotify increasing in price, I wonder if it would be worth canceling Spotify and going with YouTube Premium. Does anyone use YouTube Premium?

— WonderlandRogue (@WonderRogueTTV) July 29, 2023

The same can be seen with users who claim to unsubscribe from Spotify and the YouTube Premium option, where in addition to music, they also have ad-free videos, among other advantages. In other words, fortunately we have a free market with competitive options to choose from, even though the offer and prices are very comparable.

Expected wave of Spotify Premium cancellations

I had to go to the web app to cancel my Spotify subscription, as the “premium plan” section of the account page stopped working *right* after I received notice of the price increase.

—Seth (@PresidentJose3) July 24, 2023

Similar to the enforcement of the policy to combat account-swapping at Netflix, which also initially led to a wave of cancellations, Spotify expects to recover from this mishap by the end of the year. In any case, the example of Netflix is ​​encouraging, with the streaming platform recovering from these cancellations and even increasing its subscriber base.

Finally, the question remains, how will the Portuguese react to this Spotify Premium price increase? They intend to keep the subscription, or they will look for other rival services, not to mention the free version of the service.

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