The unique initiative of the Indonesian government, opened the tourist island to foreigners without international flights.

According to international media reports, the island of Bali, closed to tourists due to the Corona epidemic, reopened on Thursday after 18 months, but surprisingly, flights for foreign tourists have not resumed.

Bali’s international airport, Nagora Rai, which relies on tourism, has begun preparations for foreign tourists, but no international flights are expected to land here in the near future.

Airport spokesman Toofan Yudhisthira said no international schedule had been set yet.

Indonesia & # 39; s Bali reopens to foreign tourists, but without flights |  Reuters

Indonesia confirmed only 19 eligible countries in a statement late Wednesday, including China, India, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Western Europe and several countries in the Arabian Gulf.

The government has not yet issued SOPs, including reforms to the visa immigration system and protocols for the entry of foreigners.



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