Good news for those who want to go to the UK

LONDON: The UK’s driver crisis has intensified, with visa rules easing.

According to details, the British government is facing a severe shortage of tanker drivers, the government is going to temporarily relax visa regulations to overcome this crisis.

The move will make it easier for foreign drivers to come to the UK and work in the UK.

According to foreign media, this shortage of drivers has also affected the fuel supply in the UK, due to which many fuel stations have been temporarily closed.

Due to the lack of tanker drivers, there have been long queues at petrol stations in recent times, as people ignored the government’s directive not to buy extra fuel in the chaos.

According to media reports, there is a shortage of about 100,000 heavy goods vehicle drivers and 5,000 temporary visas can be issued for this.

The decision runs counter to Boris Johnson’s Briggs Immigration Rules, which say Britain should end its dependence on foreign labor, but pressure is mounting on the British prime minister to stop the epidemic and post-Briggs drivers Make up for

The shortage of drivers has not only affected the timely supply of fuel, but also the delivery of food and other items.


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