Good news for those who want to go to Saudi Arabia

Riyadh – The country’s online platform ‘Tawakalna’ has provided an important explanation for travelers who want to come to Saudi Arabia from abroad.

According to Arab media reports, travelers arriving in the country from abroad must register in the Tawaklana application, in this regard, the online platform has issued an explanation and registration procedure.

The administration says that for registration, first download the Tawaklana app, then press the ‘Register Modern’ new entry box on the platform, after passing this step, one of the visitors (visitor or Gulf) needs to be selected. Then, the system will require the input of the required information.

Required information includes passport or Gulf ID card number, citizenship, date of birth, and mobile phone number.

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After entering the above information, press the approval, after which the identification code will come on the mobile, enter it in the application and enter your password, in this way it will be registered in the application.

You have to indicate the place of your stay in Tawaklana, while various questions can also be asked.

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