Good news for the players. Free trials on Google Stadia do not require a platform account

After announcing the availability of free game trials, Google Stadia has another new feature.

From now on, users do not need to have a Stadia account to take advantage of the free trials.

Free trials on Google Stadia are no longer exclusive to Pro subscribers

Google Stadia wants to gain more users for its gaming platform and, after having launched free trials of the available games, it brings another very attractive novelty.

According to a user identified by Gem, Google Stadia allows a 30-minute free trial of its exclusive Hello Enginer title. Better yet: players can take the free trial without having to have a paid Stadia Pro subscription.

Remember that the Hello Enginer title is currently free for Stadia Pro subscribers for a limited time. In other words, all users who pay for the Pro subscription can test the game, before spending money to buy it.

But now it seems that the free trials are accessible to all users. And the process is developed intuitively and, above all, based on a stopwatch. Once the free trial begins, players have access to the full game through the Google Stadia sidebar, which displays a timer to count the trial time.

The test timer does not include the active game

But keep in mind that the stopwatch counts the time from the beginning of the test and not the active playing time of the game. In other words, the actual playing time does not count. After the trial period is over, the user is asked if they want to buy the game, and if the answer is yes, the progress in the game is saved at the end of the trial.

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Through the social network Reddit, Google confirmed that this function is being tested and that it could be extended to more games in the coming months. But we must point out that, despite not needing a Pro account to access the new feature, the player always needs a Google account to play.

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