Home World Good news for Saudi students!

Good news for Saudi students!

Riyadh: In Saudi Arabia, the online platform Abshar has provided the facility to edit educational credentials.

According to Arab media reports, Saudi students can point out any errors or omissions in their degree through the Abshar account.

The report said that the relevant administration would check the credentials on application through Abshar app. If the complaint is valid, the degree can be amended.

In the country, the ‘Department of Civil Affairs’ has facilitated online editing of educational credentials.

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Degrees can be modified through the Abshar platform. Abshar has facilitated the acceptance and processing of degree amendment applications online.

In this regard, Abshar has also issued a procedure. Those who want to make an amendment should go to the requests and messages service through the Abshar platform and then attach a copy of the required certificate, thus completing the process.


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