Good news for foreigners residing in Saudi Arabia

According to the Arab media The Saudi government The conditions for buying a property have been established by the government, according to which the residence must be valid and renovated in order to buy a property.

According to the statement, the property information must be provided together with a copy of the official documents, the property buyer must not have other property in his name.

The Saudi government says that property cannot be bought in Mecca or Medina, foreigners can only buy property for residential purposes.

On the other hand, Abshar’s account management says that foreigners residing in the country have the right to own a number of real estate.

They can submit a request to purchase real estate through Abshar account, which will be approved after review.

The administration says that it is necessary for the foreigner to have a valid residence, if the period of residence expires, the application will not be accepted.

How to apply

Log in to the Abshar account, then go to My Service, click on the service, then go to General Services and click on the real estate.

The application must be accompanied by a full description of the property purchased, your ownership documents and a photograph.

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