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Gonzalo Plata dismantles the shame of Conmebol’s management

What seemed like a problem has ended up being much worse, as a pot has been uncovered in which the top soccer officials in South America are immersed

One of the most resounding scandals in South American football today has just been uncovered Gonzalo silver, in which not only the Valladolid striker appears immersed, but also the Conmebol. That confederation has appeared and through its report has said that the Ecuadorian attacker will be able to play against Chile.

This situation involves those of Pacheta that they counted on the return of the extreme right for the preparation of the following parties. However, being alert has not been effective at all, since the yellow card against Venezuela does not limit his options to play against the Austral in a momentous match to be played in Santiago.

Gonzalo silver
At 20 years of age, Gonzalo Plata is already part of the Ecuadorian senior team.

The issue of Gonzalo Plata is already turning around to those interested, who still do not explain how this has happened

What has happened here is very simple to understand. Su supposed that by receiving this yellow card, the player would miss this day, but this has not been the case, since by receiving two cards in that match and being sent off, what the rule dictates is that accumulations are erased. Quite a misconception, which has come to directly harm those interested in Pucela.

For now, we have to make a clean slate in order to have this player back on the squad and ready to play what they should play from here until these paramilitaries must intervene again. Which finally reveals how badly designed the system in South America is, that teams end up paying for teams that, like them, play a lot on each day of promotion football in Spain.

Already with this panorama the directive of Valladolid enters to analyze measures

Not in a structural or managerial sense, what this concerns is in purely sports matters. For Pacheta this reduces their margin of choice, although what is good is that they have been growing in terms of positioning in the general table. The team has won what they needed and now in the fight for direct promotion these grievances are increasing.

It will be much more complex to replace it when it is being decisive than before when it was only being a factor of replacement. In the end, Gonzalo Plata will be one of the components of imbalance for Gustavo Alfaro, who is playing against Chile, they are just short of a new classification for the Ecuadorian nation to a world cup.

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