Gold rush: ECB raises interest rates due to economic carnage

In a recent episode of GoudKoorts, presented by Gold RepublicBart discusses the current economic situation and the impact on gold and silver. The episode begins with a look at gold and silver prices, which are €57,800 and €697 per kilo respectively.

ECB raises interest rates, unions want wage increases

First, Bart addresses the European Central Bank’s (ECB) recent decision to raise interest rates to 4%. He emphasizes the impact of years of low interest rates on the economy.

Bart suggests reducing debt burdens and governments taking fiscal measures to rebalance the economy. He sees the reintroduction of the gold standard as a possible solution.

He also talks about inflation. Unions like CNV are calling for a 10% wage increase to compensate for the loss of purchasing power. Brands warns of a wage-price spiral and suggests that central banks could cut interest rates again if stagflation threatens.

Finally, he announces the raffle of prizes to the viewers. Finally, he says that they will cover again when they reach 30,000 subscribers.

The possible impact on the price of gold

The above developments are a possible sign of financial chaos. One of the asset classes that investors often look to as a safe haven during uncertain economic times is gold. Therefore, it is interesting to examine gold as a possible part of an investment portfolio.

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