Goku’s Unspoken Reasons for Not Reviving Gohan

Dragon Ball is a deeply influential series in the history of anime and manga, and has been a beloved favorite for many years. The adventures of Goku have been a shared experience between generations, with thousands of fans sharing their love for the series with others. One topic that has always sparked debate among fans, however, is why Goku didn’t bring back his grandfather Gohan after his death.

The ability to revive the dead is not a new concept in the Dragon Ball universe, thanks to the Dragon Balls and their grantor, Shen Long. However, even with this power, there are certain restrictions on who can be revived and under what circumstances. For example, no one can be revived more than once, unless certain… lenient conditions are met. But what about the case of Goku’s grandfather, Gohan? We know that Goku held Gohan in high esteem and often referred to him fondly throughout the series.

Unanswered Questions in Dragon Ball through the Dragon Balls

Be that as it may, we know that Goku never brought his grandfather back to life. There is one reason why, and it’s not the complexity of the resurrection process. In reality, Gohan himself didn’t want to be revived. According to Toriyama’s narrative, Gohan had passed away peacefully, finding happiness in the afterlife, and would rather remain there.

This is not the only condition that would prevent Gohan’s resurrection, however. To be revived, one must have died under unusual circumstances, such as an accident or demon attack, rather than natural causes. Unfortunately, Gohan’s passing was the result of Goku’s own hands, and it’s unlikely that the resurrective powers of the Dragon Balls could be used in this case. There may be other factors at play, of course, but ultimately, the fate of Gohan is sealed.

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In the Dragon Ball universe, there are many rules and nuances to resurrection. For example, one condition states that if someone is killed by a demon, their soul cannot find peace. Meanwhile, reviving someone can sometimes come with unforeseen consequences, such as a change in personality or power. Additionally, rules such as only being able to revive one person at a time, or the granting of refusals to those who pose a negative threat, add more complexity to the process.

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