Going to the wedding became expensive, the family came to see the house

Ajmer Sharif: In a unique incident of theft in India, the family lost their lifetime savings.

An incident of theft has come to light in an empty house in the Indian city of Ajmer Sharif. Thieves stole silver jewelery worth Rs 6 lakh 35 thousand from here. According to Indian media, the family had gone to Jaipur to attend a wedding ceremony and when they returned, they came to know about the incident.

The head of the house, Kapil Mathur, while registering a case in the police station, said that on January 26, he had gone to Jaipur with the entire family to attend a marriage function.

He said that on January 29, when he returned home at six o’clock in the evening, he took out the key to open the door and found that there was no lock and the door was also locked from the inside. After that, he found a side gallery door open through which he could enter. When I happened, I saw that the cupboard was open in the room and all the things were scattered.

Preliminary investigation by the police revealed that around 30 tola silver coins, 4 large silver lamps, one pair of large silver pockets, 4 pairs of small silver pockets and 2 large silver coins were stolen.

Kapil Mathur, the head of the house, further informed that a chain pendant, 2 silver foot bangles, 4 simple bracelets, 6-7 pairs of nets, 6 Nagar silver glasses, silver chopara, 2 silver tortoise lamps were recovered from the cupboard. , Titan watch and silver stick and 35 thousand rupees are missing.

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The police have registered a case and started the investigation, but no accused has been arrested yet.

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