Goal by Real Sociedad Odriozola between the legs of Real Madrid against Real Sociedad Mairenis Gómez – December 31, 2023 – 1:00 p.m

Real Madrid and the successful sale of a player in decline who is not suited to the strong competition

The addition of Álvaro Odriozola to Real Sociedad last summer for an amount of three million euros was seen as a strategic move by the Txuri Urdin club. The player, whose career was marked by loan spells at clubs such as Fiorentina and Bayern Munich, appeared keen to rediscover his best version in familiar surroundings. However, The reality looks completely differentThis creates uncertainty about the effectiveness of this investment.

Despite initial expectations, Álvaro Odriozola had limited influence at Real Sociedad. Your participation has been reduced to just two games in the league, which corresponds to a total playing time of 90 minutes. This situation was reflected in the most recent game when he was replaced by coach Imanol Alguacil at half-time, making it clear that he was unhappy with the player’s performance.

Signing a real society
The signing of the Malian full-back was so well received by Real Sociedad that they are already calling him “Juan Mari” instead of Hamari.

The rise of Traoré and the shadow over Odriozola

The free arrival of Hamari Traoré and his subsequent outstanding performance have eclipsed Odriozola’s presence in the team. Traoré has established himself as the one undisputed starting eleven, provides stability and security in Real Sociedad’s defense. This contrast between both players highlights Odriozola’s disappointing contribution to the team.

The economic impact: Falling market value

Álvaro Odriozola’s current situation has also affected his market value, which has dropped significantly. Of the three million euros he paid for his signing, his price has fallen by one million, raising questions about the financial viability of this investment for Real Sociedad.

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Real Madrid and the sale of Odriozola

Looking back, Real Madrid seems to have made the right decision by selling Odriozola. They managed to get a financial advantage for a player who would not have played a relevant role in their squad based on his current performance. This operation demonstrates effective strategic management of the Merengue Club.

Real Sociedad’s challenge: What chances does Odriozola have?

For Real Sociedad, the challenge is twofold: on the one hand, they have to deal with Odriozola’s situation, look for ways to improve his performance or consider alternatives for his future at the club. On the other hand, this case is a reminder of the importance of carefully considering investments in players and balancing expectations, performance and costs.

Odriozola doesn’t expect any big news from Alguacil

Álvaro Odriozola’s future at Real Sociedad is uncertain. The window of opportunity is not completely closed, but it requires significant effort on the part of the player to reverse the current situation. Real Sociedad, for its part, needs to think about whether to continue betting on him or look for other alternatives that better suit the team’s needs and goals. In this context, Odriozola’s story becomes a case study in the dynamics of the football market, where returning home does not always guarantee the expected success.

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