Go fast maritime: 650 kg of cocaine seized in Martinique

Seven people were arrested on the evening of September 1 on the Vauclin beach in Martinique, suspected of having participated in the importation of 30 bales of cocaine via a fishing boat.

The small Vauclin beach is a little isolated, difficult to access, ideal for the discreet arrival of illegal cargo. But information put investigators from the Anti-Narcotics Office on the trail of an arrival of cocaine.

Thanks to surveillance, the police saw the arrival on the evening of September 1, a fishing skiff, a boat with powerful engines popular with traffickers to escape interceptions at sea at high speed, but also capable of a cautious approach to the coasts.

“The investigators witnessed the unloading of a cargo transferred into a van which immediately restarted”, explains to CNEWS the divisional commissioner Alexandre Huguet, head of the Ofast Caribbean branch, before continuing: “On board, they seized 30 bales of cocaine, or about 650 kg of this hard drug. The three individuals present in the vehicle were arrested, as were the four people who were on the boat or had participated in the unloading. ”

Suspects aged 25 to 55

The seven arrested, aged 25 to 55, were indicted in particular for importing narcotics in an organized gang and placed in pre-trial detention while the investigation continued. Most of them are already known to the police, in particular two for acts related to drug trafficking.

The West Indian plate is frequently used as a rebound zone for the shipment of drugs from Latin America to Europe.

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