Home World “Go Blues! “… In the streets of New Orleans with Macron

“Go Blues! “… In the streets of New Orleans with Macron

” What is happening here ? asks an onlooker when he sees the crowd gathering around Jackson Square, in the center of the French Square in New Orleans. “The French president is coming, apparently,” says another. “Oh, really! exclaims, three tones above, the first. Because if the announcement of the passage of Emmanuel Macron in Louisiana this Friday, to close his State visit to the United States, was made several days ago, his wandering in two streets of the historic center was only very publicized. late.

However, there are New Orleans women who are waiting for it. Like Courtney, who wears a flocked t-shirt with the slogan of his last presidential campaign: “Emmanuel Macron with you”. This Louisianan was in Strasbourg during her stay in between the two towers, and she fell in love with this red t-shirt. The fan has an alert look while waiting for the Head of State: “I love his position on the war in Ukraine, the way he wants to bring France and the United States together”.

“But when does he arrive? »

Another no longer holds up. She holds the barrier firmly in front of her: no one will steal her place. Estelle asks all the policemen or bodyguards who pass when the president will arrive. “He’s on the road,” one of them replies. And to add “I don’t know”, in French in the text. Estelle speaks perfect French, and when she hears two French women nearby humming the “Marseillaise”, she turns around. “Your president is coming, stay there! »

This banter not possible, Estelle will use it in front of Emmanuel Macron, who devotes a few seconds to it. “Hello Mr. President, welcome to New Orleans. You sold that for a pittance! “laments Estelle. She knows about territories colonized by France, she is a Moroccan pied-noir. The president smiles, raises his arms and replies: “We got screwed! »

” Thank you sir ! »

The New Orleans woman “for forty-two years” is very proud. “You have to talk to me with gloves now, the president has spoken to me,” she boasts, smiling. The French Square of New Orleans also seems quite proud of this visit. To “Vive la France” and “Allez les Bleus” with an English accent, respond with “thank you sir”. All of this in a colourful, singsong French quarter that one imagines quick to get carried away anyway.

Emmanuel Macron also gives in to the atmosphere by sketching – awkwardly – a few dance steps in front of a street orchestra which sings a jazzy “Marseillaise”, then the standard ” When the saints to march in “. On the balcony, a group which is probably drinking its first drink is shouting “Vive la France!” “. Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna bounces back with a “yeah! enthusiastically, arms in the air.

Beautiful pictures

But truce of improvised carnival, Emmanuel Macron is quickly reminded of the key subject of his trip, the economy. And the results of his visit. He judges that he has obtained “beyond what he could have hoped for”, in particular on the question of American anti-inflation measures. But obviously, the Head of State has so far obtained more of an attentive ear than concessions.

This does not call into question the very good understanding displayed with Joe Biden in Washington. Nor that there is actually content in this stay: beyond the economy, we talked about civil nuclear, environment, space, Ukraine of course… One thing is certain: the tenant of the Elysée has obtained great images during this American week. Especially in New Orleans, where the decor lends itself damn well.

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