The survey that the official website of the NBA It comes out every year with the predictions of the GMs for the season is already here. It throws a poorly adjusted result if we look at the question about the favorite to the title, very favored for the Nets according to these opinions. Brooklynites are favored by 72% of team sports managers, with the Lakers (17%) and Bucks (10%) a long way behind.. Steve Nash’s team fell to later champion Milwaukee by a shot valued at two points instead of three by a few millimeters. Kevin Durant, the author of that launch, is the one who is in the first position to be the MVP of the new course with 37% of the votes, but a short distance from Luka Doncic (33%). Nikola Jokic, the most outstanding player of the last regular phase, does not appear on the voting panel, not like Embiid, Curry, Harden and the aforementioned Giannis.

Doncic outvotes Anteto on the question of starting a franchise from scratch and choosing a player to lead it. Curry leads another block, the one of the player who forces the most adjustments to the rival based on his movements.

As for new players, 47% of voters believe the Rockets’ Rookie of the Year will be Jalen Green of the Rockets, and 40% bet on Cade Cunningham, the number one who went to the Pistons. The Cavaliers’ Evan Mobley will be the best player in five years. The Magic’s Jalen Suggs is considered the 2021 Draft steal.

One of those who return to the top after a long injury, Jaren Jackson, is the best considered (17%) as the man most likely to have a groundbreaking season in the NBA 2021/22.

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The GMs have also chosen their own work. They believe that the Heat are the team that has moved the best in the summer market, better than the Lakers or Nets, and that Kyle Lowry is the signing that will impact their new team the most. They also widely consider Erik Spoelstra (Miami) to be the best active coach. However, they see the Bulls as the team that, from what was coming, has improved the most with the movements made.

On mixed issues, mixed answers: Stephen Curry is the best shooter, LeBron James is the smartest, Chris Paul is the best leader, Zion Williamson is the most athletic, De’Aaron Fox is the fastest, and Kevin Durant is the leading player. that you would pass the ball in a tight finish.

For the international section, managers remember Nikola Mirotic, star of Barcelona, ​​as the best player outside the NBA with 53% of the votes. Vasilije Micic, MVP of the Euroleague, has 23% of the votes and, with expectations through the roof, the young Frenchman Victor Wembanyama, who is taking his first steps in the ASVEL, bursts as third option with 13%. Also receiving votes were Mike James, formerly of the Nets, and Nikola Jovic, a Serbian promise yet to be tested on the big stages, as well as a Marc Gasol who is already considered out of the NBA even though he still doesn’t have a team.


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