Globant, a digital native company focused on reinventing business through innovative technological solutions, bets on the launch of the BeKindTech Fund. It is a new initiative of Globant Ventures that seeks to face the negative effects derived from the misuse of technology.

We believe that technology is inherently good and that it improves life around the world. It connects us, stimulates innovation for the common good, and enables reinvention. However, when applied or used incorrectly, its impact can be negative. This must be treated seriously to ensure that technology is beneficial to all humanity. We need to act now.

Martín Migoya, CEO & Co-founder of Globant.

As a recognized technology leader and creator of digital solutions, Globant calls for applications from global technology startups seeking investment and support in their work. To do this, it is focused on addressing the negative side effects caused by the misuse of technology.

Investment in technology startups

Globant Ventures, the company’s investment arm (VC), will evaluate each project. In addition, it will look for opportunities to finance new companies through equity or convertible notes. It has investments between 100,000 and a million dollars depending on each case. In conjunction with other partners who may be interested in investing in these technology startups. The purpose and ability of each technological project or application to make efficient changes in the behaviors of its users and multiply good practices will be key elements to consider the selection.

The scope of the debate on the potential of technology to generate a negative social impact. And in turn, the focus of the BeKindTech Fund is broad. Starting from texting while driving, to abusing screen time and addiction to social networks. Recent events, studies, and reports have exposed the consequences of social media misuse, AI biases, and information bubbles, among other challenges. Fighting these problems is essential.

The synergy between Globant’s vision for reinvention, support for the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and the company’s Be Kind initiative enables the BeKindTech Fund to bring about real change. And in this way, help us create a great impact in the near future.

Guibert Englebienne, Co-founder of Globant and President of Globant X.


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