Global warming: gas boilers in the sights of the government

In apartments or individual houses, can we do without gas boilers to reduce our carbon footprint? In a house in Lyon, the 20-year-old gas boiler has been replaced by a more modern model. It still runs on gas, yet the owner hesitated to change the energy source. The reason is economic. It cost the owner 5,000 euros to install a new one. Electricity is much more expensive per kilowatt hour. However, new boilers could soon be banned.

Towards a ban?

Today, 18% of greenhouse gases come from buildings. The objective is to divide this rate by 2.5. To achieve this, the government intends to attack gas boilers, which equip 40% of homes. To replace them, the heat pump remains the popular solution. The government will hold a public consultation this summer to reflect on the issue.

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