Global warming: France will live under plus 4° in 2100

Tropical nights at over 20°, three months of heat waves a year in the Mediterranean, two in the north of France. This would be one of the consequences of global warming in 2100, according to the government which retains the most pessimistic scenario. Experts predict plus 3° worldwide, but plus 4 in France. Because for 30 years, the warming in Europe is more than twice higher than the average of the planet.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions at all costs

Submersion, forest fires, cyclones, no region will be completely spared, but some, like the Channel coast, will be more livable than others. The government is therefore working on specific measures, such as a water plan to better manage and use this scarce resource. There is also a heat wave plan, to anticipate and protect against them and measures against emerging risks in the mountains, such as the destabilization of glaciers. According to Greenpeace, the government is making a realistic statement, but must act by limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

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