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  • Glenn McGrath said that it is more important to control the ball than to shoot fast
  • Glenn McGrath advises Umran Malik to slow down
  • Umran Malik pitched at a fast pace at IPL 2022

Umran Malik: Team India has provided opportunities for many fast bowlers in the last year. While Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Jasprit Bumrah are playing for the India team on the one hand, Arshdeep Singh and the famous Krishna have also grabbed everyone’s attention for their good performance. In addition to this, the way Umran Malik performed at IPL 2022, after that he also got the chance to play for Team India. Umran Malik may not have taken a lot of ground, but he has amazed and thrilled the entire world with his speed. Meanwhile, Glenn McGrath, one of Australia’s great fast bowlers, has been a mentor to Umran Malik, who if Umran Malik pays attention to and focuses on, he will be well on his way to becoming an even greater bowler.

Glenn McGrath said that speed can be taught in fast bowling

While speaking to, Glenn McGrath said that fast bowling is something that no one can be taught. He said that no one can be taught to bowl at 150 km/h. The bowler must be capable in terms of speed. He said that if you have control in your balls, it will be a big problem. Whoever throws the bowler with control of the ball can be number one. In today’s date, bowlers with a speed of 150 kmph are less. If you have control of the ball, then you shouldn’t throw slow. He has advised Umran Malik to play a little slower now to catch the ball.

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Umran Malik played for Sunrisers Hyderabad at IPL 2022

Let us tell you that Umran Malik was seen playing for Sunrisers Hyderabad at IPL 2022. During this he played 14 matches, taking 22 wickets on his behalf. Following this, Dale Steyn, who was the coach of the team and the rest of the world’s fast bowlers, praised him highly. It was only after his best performance in the IPL that he got the chance to debut for Team India. In an IPL match, he also threw the ball at a speed of 156.9 kilometers per hour. Umran Malik also claims to be included in the T20 World Team India. Because this time the World Cup is taking place in Australia and Umran Malik can be even more lethal on the inflatable courts there.

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