Glamor UK features a pregnant trans man in its June cover story

Logan Brown, a 27-year-old Briton, is on the June cover of the British magazine Glamour. This transgender man poses pregnant, two weeks before the birth of his daughter. He thus becomes the first pregnant trans man to make the cover of a magazine, reports The Parisianthis Monday.

In the image, his body is covered in makeup that suggests he’s wearing a costume. The man does not pose for any issue of the magazine since that of June is notably devoted to homoparenthood and transparency as part of Pride month.

Some did not discover Logan Brown as part of this one. He indeed shares his pregnancy as a trans man on a blog created last March and which has been talked about in the LGBT community. He also shares moments of his daily life on instagram and TikTok, as well as his relationship with a non-binary British drag queen.

Logan Brown claims not to be spared violent and hateful messages. “I wasn’t surprised by any of the negative comments I got because obviously (my pregnancy) is not a usual thing. (…) These people are saying things online that they would probably never say to my face,” he explained to Glamour.

Advancing Rights

Logan Brown finally gave birth to a girl named Nova by caesarean section. The young father spoke of the difficulties encountered with the NHS, the British Social Security services. He particularly regretted the lack of training of the staff: “No one asked me if I was okay. No one has wondered what it’s like to be a pregnant trans man. Being pregnant, in general, is really, really hard. Add the fact of being trans…”. He would like training to be put in place and to become mandatory “because we exist and trans people go to the hospital. »

The media coverage of her story was welcomed by the Association of Gay and Lesbian Parents (APGL): “Any visibility helps advance rights and acceptance. Clearly, today, trans people are invisible. »

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