Gisela Pulido maintains her fight for the podium in the European

not being a Formula Kite European Championship easy. The wind conditions are not allowing the sailors to shine as expected and Gisela Pulido, the main Spanish asset to win a medal, continues trying to adapt to the Lepanto regatta course (Greece) in the best possible way. For now, this Thursday, the organization was only able to start four heats for the men’s fleet and two for the women’s, and Pulido managed to ‘save’ the day. The Spanish maintains sixth place and continues to look at the podium. France’s Alexia Francelli is third, with just three more points. Also French Jessie Kampman is the leader.

The instability of the wind, which this Thursday ranged between 7 and 13 knots, delayed the time to start sailing and it was the men’s fleet that premiered the regatta field, consuming most of the day for the celebration of its four sleeves . It’s It took time away from the girls, who barely had an hour to dispute two heats and were forced to cross the last finish line in very little light. Despite everything, Gisela Pulido continues to show a good level and signed a fifth place and a third. As for the second Spanish representative, Adelaida Marquenie, she is in 27th place. It is time to continue with the effort and it is necessary to reach Sunday among the top ten classified because that will be when the Medal Series will be played, with semifinals and final.

As for the male category, the data is being complicated. Alejandro Climent is still the first Spaniard in the table, he is in 25th place, followed by Bernat Cortes (41), Jacobo Espi (50), Kiko Peiro (55) and Sebastián Ducos (56). The leader is the Italian Lorenzo Boschetti.

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