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Gironde: two women killed by a car that crashed into their room

The record is terrible. On October 9, a car crashed into a house in Gujan-Mestras (Gironde) causing the death of two women. The driver, a young man aged 19, was in a state of alcoholism according to the first elements of the investigation.

It was during the night from Friday to Saturday, around 1:30 am according to the neighbors who were woken up by the noise, that the serious accident occurred.

Two young men who were in an SUV rushed into a street. At the intersection, the driver did not stop and lost control of his vehicle. After first hitting a low wall in front of the house, the car then entered head-on into the room where the two victims were.

The gendarmes report that the women, each aged 46 and 48, died instantly.

An 11-year-old girl, who happened to be the child of one of the two victims, was also present in the house, but in another room. Spared, she was taken care of by a neighbor while help arrived.

After having tested positive for an alcohol test, the young man of 19 years driving the vehicle was taken care of for a short hospital stay before being driven and placed in police custody, this same Saturday. The prosecution said the 16-year-old boy who accompanied him had some minor injuries.

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