Gironde: a 7-year-old child deprived of a canteen and escorted by the police for an unpaid

A case that makes people react. Last Thursday, in the village of Saint-Médard-de-Guizières (Gironde), a municipal police officer came to pick up a 7-year-old child from school, on the grounds that his mother did not pay for the canteen.

The intervention of the municipal police officer follows a decision of the town hall. The mother of a family owes 800 euros to the town, a sum “too large”, according to the councilor.

“I don’t find it normal to humiliate a child”

Questioned by CNEWS, the mother of the schoolboy does not dispute the unpaid bills but denounces the method. “I don’t find it normal to humiliate a child because he himself has something to do with the story? What was she thinking when she fired him? That he was going to pay for the canteen with his little money? ”She emphasizes.

For his part, the mayor, Mireille Conte Jaubert, said he had no choice. “I sent the municipal policeman whom the child knows, I did not send the GIGN. We have a total canteen debt of almost 17,000 euros. All the people we contacted have made a commitment to make settlements and regularize their debts, except her, ”explains the elected official.

Since the incident last Thursday, the mother has committed to settle the unpaid. In the meantime, her son will not go to the canteen.

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