Girona is still alive in the shooting

He Girona has managed to finish the first round in permanent positions. Míchel, who considers the campaigns to be a journey and divides them into sections, can be proud of having reached the first stop alive. This course, the competition for salvation is extreme and it is that from the 11th place to the 18th, the group that marks the relegation places, there are only three points away. Girona occupies 12th place (21 points) and their margin compared to Cádiz, 18th, is two points. For now, goal accomplished. And that he has a significant water leak on his boat, which has to do with defense. As far as the League is concerned, the Girona block has not been able to finish a single match with a clean sheet. It is, along with Elche, the worst team in this regard.

Although, it is managing to get out of the burn and break the trend. Why Elche, which has not left its goal to zero throughout the course either, is last, as were the predecessors in this bad statistic: Huesca, the 2018-19 season, and Sporting, from 1997-98. These three teams have in common that they did not leave the goal to zero in any duel of the first round and finished this first part of the season being last classified. And in the end, Huesca and Sporting, descended to Second. Girona is the exception and despite their defensive problem they are managing, for the moment, to stay alive in the First Division.

And the key is basic: they receive many goals (only Elche have received more this season, with 39), but they also score many. At the offensive level, Girona is in very good health and is the fifth team in the First Division with the most goals scored (26). It is holding you up and causes you to the goal difference is only -3. In the second round it will play at a defensive level because the errors will be paid more expensive and the margin of error will be narrower. is currently the sixth Primera team that has conceded the most shots to rivals (84) and Míchel must try to stop this water leak. For now, the ship is afloat. And that it lasts

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