Girona FC uses Pep’s influence to close a new signing

From the albirrojo box they have in mind a first level incorporation

The Girona F.C. goes ahead in the market where he hopes to make one last move and Pep Guardiola would be key in the operation. The coach of Manchester City could be decisive for the Montilivi since their main objective is to ensure permanence. There is a target that likes in the sports direction.

Let us remember that the squad that commands Michel he knows they need some top-tier players. For this reason, they are exploring alternatives, which could occur at the end of the summer market. In addition, the albirrojo club belongs to the group of the table citizen and there would be more facilities to make incorporations.

Girona Pep
Pep Guardiola recommends a signing to Girona

From Girona FC they use the influence of Guardiola for a top signing

In this way, Girona FC will take advantage of the figure of Pep Guardiola for a top signing, it is Oriol Romeu. Even the brother of the Etihad coach is part of this group and would also be important in this operation. In turn, the player coincided with the coach at FC Barcelona and would welcome his return to Spain.

Regarding the details of the signing that is taking place, it has been established that everything is on the right track. The process has been completed by 50% and it would be very close to confirm his passage to Montilivi. This 30-year-old pivot would be important for Míchel, as he has a lot of experience.

Oriol Romeu wants to be signed by the Montilivi team

Girona FC, in turn, has received the best reports from Pep Guardiola in this regard. In that order of ideas, it has been defined that the former FC Barcelona could arrive at the red-and-white club with a contract for the next 3 seasons. Romeu has agreed to reduce his salary significantly, which has further put the operation on track.

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The only thing missing for everything to close successfully has to do with Southampton. This would not be a major problem, since he has one year left on his contract with the ‘Santos’ and they would accept his departure with a symbolic figure. A few days after the market, it would be the movement with which they close this summer market.

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