Girona FC Savinho abandons Girona FC for master project Wilmer Ayala – December 26, 2023 – 1:30 p.m

Any illusions of keeping the extremely talented left winger at Montilivi may soon be shattered as plans brewing in the City Football Group’s main squad become known.

There is pessimism at Girona FC despite sharing the LaLiga leadership with EA Sports, and it’s all because of Savinho and Manchester City. Let’s remember that the talented Brazilian attacker is playing on loan at Montilivi as his rights belong to the French ES Troyes. But the Ligue 1 club is part of the City Football Group.

You don’t have to be a football expert to know that Manchester City have direct access to Savinho as he is part of the United Emirates company. This means that the Carioca will make the jump from the French team to the English team in 2024. While the Girona team has the desire to continue to keep the barely 19-year-old star.

Savinho Manchester City
Since Savinho showed a much higher level at Girona FC, Manchester City began to monitor him closely.

The good news for Girona FC regarding Savinho’s signing for Manchester City

The chances of the South American striker reaching the Premier League and wearing the light blue jersey are really high. But despite all this bad news for the Gironins club, there is one good news: the Brazilian will definitely leave the team by the end of the season. So you can continue playing at Montilivi until June 30, 2024.

The Citizens team knows this condition very well and has decided to respect it. In fact, it is much better for Pep Guardiola if Savinho stays in a team where he has a fairly favorable competitive rhythm. The business will only see the light of day until the summer market in 2024. For now, Míchel is focused on continuing to capitalize on his stardom.

More good news for Girona regarding Savinho and his departure to Manchester City

2024 will be a very eventful year for the international football scene and the Catalan team was aware of this by owning a star from Brazil. Between January and February next year The South American Pre-Olympics will be held on Venezuelan territory to find out who the two representatives will be who will travel to Paris.

They have done Girona FC a huge favor as the Brazil U23 national team has released their squad list and Savinho does not appear in it. Míchel will therefore continue to have the Rio star between January and February 2024. The official reasons have not been revealed yet, but deep down everyone knows it was to benefit the Girona team.

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