One more talent for the engineer who continues to provide his team with a style that falls in love

After a tour in the AC Milan everything indicates that Brahim Diaz, Real Madrid talent, would seek his return to Spain. In that idea, the name of Real Betis is broken, which would be the right club to add to the ranks the talent of the midfielder who has seen how his wake has collapsed in Italy in recent months.

Of being the spoiled child of Stefano Pioli one of the most strongly criticized by the Italian press has passed the news of the young Spanish talent. Which suggests that right now he is out of focus and easily noticeable in the face of the wave of criticism falling on his back. It’s not the same after COVID-19 and that has been paid dearly.

Brahim Díaz and his starting options within LaLiga

Betis is the one that leaves the best sensations in that idea of ​​capturing Brahim today

For now, the feeling is that Betis is the club in the best conditions to assume the role of capturing this player. They not only have the environment, but they share the idea of ​​football that is immersed in the player, so that it is given as a broad alternative, before his contract with the Madrid entity is closed.

Brahim remains a very gifted player technically speaking, with a tremendous sense of placement for building play from the middle and shooting from mid-range. He sticks to the idea of ​​touch and go, has a lot of dynamics to come from behind, and a rich technique that allows him to leave his strikers hand in hand.

Real Madrid and its maneuver to not lose coherence in the environment

The way things are going, it is most likely that a transfer offer will end up being developed. Although Real Madrid wants it to be a definitive purchase, they must stretch the alternatives to guarantee they have enough power for the future. In addition, the possibility of losing him is on top, since his contract ends in the summer of 2023.

Which leaves as a balance either an exit as speculated, or a renewal, since they have invested too much in this player to lose him as speculated so far. Time will tell, but the way things are going, it is possible that Betis have great chances of keeping this footballer to continue fueling their project.


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