Gina Stewart’s big claim said: Shane Warne was in a relationship with me before death.

Australian cricketer Shane Warne died about 5 months ago, but he is once again in the news. Actually, Australian model Gina Stewart has made quite a claim. Gina Stewart says Shane Warne, 51, was in a relationship with her until shortly before her death. Also, this model said that she is completely broken due to Warne’s sudden death. She further said that Shane Warne didn’t want to go public with this relationship, so we both used to date secretly.

Significantly, Gina Stewart is also famous as the most beautiful grandmother in the world. In fact, previously Gina Stewart would have confessed her relationship with Warne during an interview. According to Gina Stewart, she had a conversation with Shane Warne for the first time in July 2018. However, after this, for the next few months, there was an online conversation between the two, but after that we met. At the same time, she said that in the last few months her world has completely changed.

Gina Stewart said that Shane Warne was a legend, but I lost my special friend. Significantly, Gina Estewart is an Australian actress and social media influencer. Gina Estevert has 4 children. Apart from this, she has appeared in many TV shows. Gina Estewart also showed off the conversation she had with Warne on Instagram during her interview. She also said that she had a conversation with Shane Warne after a cricket match. She further said that she is telling everyone these things because she wants to pay tribute to Warne.

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