Giménez, a serious problem for Atlético

Jose Maria Gimenez It’s a huge problem for him. Atletico Madrid because of his constant injuries, which are preventing him from performing at a good level at the Metropolitano. In recent seasons, the fact that the Uruguayan soccer player cannot play most of the games has begun to normalize and this is something that the club cannot afford, much less with a player with a salary as high as his.

The Uruguayan defender now renewed a year ago, until June 30, 2025, ensuring a salary increase of up to 5 million euros per season, a figure that begins to weigh heavily on the mattress team since the footballer is not available to play the matches. The start of this season is also going to be lost due to inconvenience, today he will not be against Getafe, this is already beginning to be normal and the fans are beginning to be fed up with this situation since he is a heavyweight in the locker room and nobody understands why he gets hurt so much.

They won’t be able to get it for a good price.

Atlético de Madrid has to begin to rethink the future of Jose Maria Gimenez since you can’t have a footballer of this caliber in the sick bay all day. In recent years, several clubs have come willing to pay millions for him, now, seeing his continuous injuries, they will not have those offers, so it will be difficult to get him out of the Metropolitano at a good price. Let’s remember that Manchester City came to offer some 70 or 80 million euros for him and the people of Madrid rejected them, right now there will be more than one manager with this proposal in mind seeing the player’s physical condition.

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