Gidsel leads the Berlin Foxes to the final

The Fuchse of Berlin took advantage of the quality of their left-back, the Danish Gidsel, to qualify for the final of the Europa League this Sunday (18:00). He did not need to score many goals, but he became the leader of the Foxes for in a great second half leaving a Montpellier that fell apart without options; 29-35 (16-16).

The golden left-hander forced the French defensive change to bet on a mixed one, which opened up many possibilities for the Berliners, who had their pivot Masenic another offensive bulwark. With these two there was a dangerous connection of a fast team, which with a devilish rhythm put too much pressure on the French.

no breath, Montpellier conceded too many easy goals because for each player who fell behind they received a goal against. Thus, not even on the occasions that he was able to react did he find a positive streak to reduce the distances.


Montpellier HB (16+13): Desbonnet (Bolzinger), Villeminot (4), Arthur Lenne (2), Skube (5), Porte (1) and Yannis Lenne (6) -seven
initial-; Bos (6, 5p), Pellas (1), Berthier, Tskhovrebadze, Jaime Fernández, Panic, Konan, Jensen and Nacinovic (4).

Füchse Berlin (16+19): Milosavljev (Kireev), Lindberg (8, 4p), Gidsel (6), Kopljar ​​(1), Marsenic (6), Andersson (1) and Freihöfer (1)
-initial seven-; Wiede (2), Darj (2), Holm (3), Lichtlein, Langhoff, Vujovic (5) and Weber.

Marker every five minutes: 3-3, 7-5, 10-8, 13-11, 16-16 -rest- 18-20, 19-23, 20-25, 22-28, 25-32 and 29-35.

referees: Daniel Accoto Martins and Roberto Accoto Martins (Portugal). They excluded Pellas, Villeminot (2), Nacinovic, Bos and Konan,
from HB Montpellier, and Darj, Andersson and Marsenic, from Füchse Berlin.

Basketball court: FLENS-Arena in Flensburg (Germany) in front of about 7,000 spectators.

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