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Giant step towards Qatar

Giant step towards Qatar

Portugal came out as Do Dragao wanted it to come out. The first few minutes were a local gale and Turkey limited themselves to defending themselves as best they could. In the first minute Cristiano already warned, who repeated it again in the 9th minute. The constant attacks continued until reaching the minute 15 when Otavio took advantage of the rejection of a hit to the post by Bernardo Silva (spectacular throughout the game) to open the scoring.

Portugal wanted to quickly score the second, but Tuquía stirred after receiving the goal. The unprecedented Portuguese defense was the weak point of Fernando Santos. Organizational errors and a simple lack of talent led the Turks to have ten minutes of chances. It was just that, ten minutes to which Portugal reacted and, in the 42nd minute, extended the advantage. Turkey’s ball output left a lot to be desired and Bruno Fernandes and Bernardo Silva easily created chances.

The second part promised to be another Turkey monologue, but Yilmaz and Ünder invented a wall in the front that made it 2-1 easier. Do Dragao stopped doing the wave in the stands to start worrying. A distance of a single goal lead was too dangerous for the final minutes and Fonte was responsible for giving away a penalty committed on Ünal. Ten million Portuguese breathed a sigh of relief when Yilmaz sent her away. Matheus Nunes, thanks to Leao, sentenced in 93′. Cristiano grazed his goal on the last play of the match hitting the crossbar.

Porto will experience 90 minutes (or more) of tension again on Tuesday, in a final for a place in Qatar against Macedonia.

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