Giant step of Almería in El Plantío against Burgos

Almeria gave a giant step in El Plantío in their race to the First Division by defeating the Castilians in their fiefdom, where they have only lost in three games.

Burgos came out bravely looking for their rival and after seven minutes Ernesto had the first opportunity in a cross shot that Fernando managed to send to a corner. Almería dominated territorially, but had not yet approached the local area until in the 16th minute Robertone penetrated the Burgos defense to beat Alfonso from low. Burgos reacted with a shot again by Ernesto after an error by Fernando who did not catch the ball and Babic under the sticks avoided the equalizer. The meeting was entertaining with two teams looking for the opposite goal. The next opportunity was for Grego Sierra in a header at the far post that went over the crossbar. Two minutes from the break, heHe would bequeath a new blow for Burgos in a corner kick poorly defended by the local defense that touched Babic at the near post and Grego Sierra introduced the ball into his own goal. In the absence of a clear Almeria advantage, although in Burgos they did not deserve so much punishment.

In the second half, Almería knew how to control their rival, who did not arrive as smoothly as in the first half. Rubi’s men controlled the game, which became slower and more speculative. However, the game was going to liven up, first with a shot by Ramazani and an action by Alarcón whose cross touch went wide. Burgos, cheered on from the stands by their unconditional supporters, did not give up the match and waited for their opportunity. Sadiq had the lace in his boots, but his shot went over the crossbar, while Burgos claimed a Valcarce takedown inside the area.

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The game was still going to bring more emaciations with a knockdown by Dyego to Miguel inside the area, sanctioned with a penalty. Valcarce was in charge of the launch, but Fernando guessed the shot from Berciano and he returned to stop a second shot from the Burgos striker in the rebound. On that play, the goalkeeper was injured in the knee although he continued on the field of play. In a crazy ending, Almería was able to widen the difference on the scoreboard on the counterattack. Fourth defeat of Burgos in El Plantío in the season and step in front of Almería in the search for direct promotion.

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