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debuted pacheta in Cornellawhere even a door bore his name for his commendable blue and white past, but the coach of the Valladolid latch on immense portal of opportunity that for Espanyol has meant the arrival of Joselu. The Galician has achieved the impossible, immediately making Thomas Raul. Against Pucela, he scored his seventh goal in just nine days, which means the parakeet’s first victory at the Pacheta stadium. The one that not only takes him out of the descent but it even allows him to overcome his rival, who came on a roll.

Team Shield/Flag

it took 13 minutes Lecomtestarter despite the blunder that cost a goal in Cádiz, in beginning to ingratiate himself with his public, by catching a low shot from Squire. And half an hour more to show that he is a goalkeeper, despite everything. It was by avoiding the goal of Sergio Leon, which had marked a race of 40 meters. With both defenses touched, without Sergi Gomez that of Espanyol, although with the novelty of Oscar Gil, nor fresneda that of Valladolid, arrivals abounded.

Joselu had it, whose header just before half-time went wide. First notification. And Galician was well understood with handfulon the cusp of 4-4-2like Darder with Foundling one step behind. More than Masip, who starred in a save against Puado that would be invalidated due to a previous fault, was the expert Feddal who prevented the parakeets from leaving ahead on the marker. And despite this, the center-back was replaced at half-time, perhaps because of the yellow card he was carrying, perhaps due to inconvenience.

It was gaining meters, integers and self-esteem the Pucela in the second half, with two shots from Joaquinespecially dangerous the one deflected by Brian Oliván, a distant shot from monchu that grazed Lecomte’s left post. Control slipped away from Espanyol, who listened to the first whistles from a Cornellà stand whose thermometer of nervousness was turning red hot.

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Team Shield/Flag

Until it broke Joselu, gigantic, as he has been showing since he landed at Espanyol. And with a goal that he remembered from the previous day in Cádiz, with a Brian Oliván’s pinpoint center from the left and a relentless header at the far postinaccessible to Masip, who could not link his second match unbeaten.

Espanyol was still able to avoid the final suffering, and Valladolid a useless courage because it did not come out of its own corner, if Puado’s shot does not hit the post, king of the posts in this League, by taking advantage of a gift from Joaquín. The hugs between Diego Martínez, his coaching staff and the substitutes parrots with the final whistle of Mateu Lahoz, and the delivery of the team to the entertainment area gave a dimension of the importance of this triumph. Espanyol adds nine points, to eight for Pucela.


Joaquin Fernandez (45′, Z. Feddal), J. Narvaez (60′, Ivan Sanchez), S. Weissman (60′, Sergio Leon), K.Bare (70′, Edu Exposito), J. Lazo (70′, Aleix Vidal), Sergio Guardiola (78′, Kike Pérez), Alvaro Aguado (78′, Roque Mesa), Nico Melmed (88′, J. Puado)


Referee: Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz
VAR Referee: José Luis Munuera Montero, Miguel Ángel Ortiz Arias
Zouhair Feddal (14′, Yellow) Squire (30′, Yellow) monchu (51′, Yellow) rock table (58′, Yellow) Vinicius (62′, Yellow)

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