Ghostbusters: The Ice Menace: One of the first Ghostbusters will play a central role

In 2016 the franchise Ghostbusters wanted to put an end to the past by organizing a new saga around female characters. Result, the film Paul Feig greatly upset fans and was also a major financial and critical flop. The sentence was final: Paul Feig and his four actresses were thanked and Ghostbusters: Legacy (2021) has put together a team of new young protagonists and at the same time plans the return of Ghostbusters Originals – Earnings in the last third of the feature film. A decisive success that led Sony to repeat the experience Ghostbusters: The Ice Menaceleaded by Gil Kenan – short-term takeover of Jason Reitman. This new film was recently revealed in a fascinating trailer that brings back all the characters introduced two years ago, played by Finn Wolfhard, McKenna Grace or Paul Rudd.

Rich interviewed the team of this new one Ghostbusters. Fact, Ernie Hudson (Winston Zeddemore) gave some clues about his character's role:

“Winston is now a rich man and he is funding research into new technologies and the science behind ghost hunting. When the world is threatened… Who will you call? He puts the costume back on along with the rest of the team.”

Dan Aykroyd (Ray Stantz) also talked about his character:

“Ray is retired. He had health problems, insurance problems. Winston is now the boss and decides that Ray should step away from ghost hunting and only act as an advisor. Ray doesn't like this. Gozer is gone, but an equally terrible threat is looming from Queens and Ray wants to drive the Cadillac. »

The end of Ghostbusters: Legacy had already teased that Winston would gain weight in the sequel, where he apparently repaired the car Ecto-1 so symbolic of the first films. The feature film is definitely scheduled to hit French cinemas on April 10, 2024.

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