Ghislaine Maxwell chooses not to testify at her trial

We will therefore not hear the sentence “The defense calls Ghislaine Maxwell”. Judged in New York for sex trafficking, the ex-companion of Jeffrey Epstein chose not to testify on Friday, believing that the prosecution had not provided proof of his guilt. This means that the witness phase is over, and deliberations will no doubt begin on Monday after closing arguments.

“Your honor, the government has not provided evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, so I don’t need to testify,” said Ghislaine Maxwell, 59, wearing a mask and a turtleneck sweater. color black and speaking, standing, to Manhattan Federal Court Judge Alison Nathan.

British, American and French, the daughter of press magnate Robert Maxwell is accused of having provided Jeffrey Epstein with underage girls from 1994 to 2004 so that he could sexually exploit them. Described as a “tout” by the investigation, Ghislaine Maxwell has been detained in New York since the summer of 2020, a year after the suicide in New York prison of Jeffrey Epstein who had deprived dozens of victims of trial.

She faces life imprisonment

During her trial, which began on November 29 and is supposed to last until January, she pleads not guilty to all charges for which she faces life imprisonment. Appearing rather comfortable and in shape, exchanging with her lawyers, Ghislaine Maxwell was not to speak, before the few words spoken on Friday.

After that, one of his counsel, Bobbi Sternheim, told the court that he and his colleagues were done with the appearance of defense witnesses. Since Thursday, lawyers wanted to call as many witnesses as possible for four days, in the hope of demonstrating that their client had played no criminal role with the wealthy Jeffrey Epstein. Finally, they were only nine to testify in favor of Ghislaine Maxwell instead of the 35 people expected.

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Exasperated judge

What exasperate Judge Nathan who warned that “the trial would not be delayed”. The prosecutors’ indictment and defense pleadings will take place on Monday and the jury can then begin to deliberate. On Friday, Maxwell’s defenders called Eva Andersson-Dubin, a 60-year-old Swedish doctor, former Miss Sweden and wife of American billionaire Glenn Dubin, to testify. Close to Epstein, she confirmed having gone on vacation many times to his residence in Palm Beach (Florida) between 1994 and 2004 and never seen him behave inappropriately with teenage girls.

Likewise, on Thursday, Cimberly Espinosa, 55, former assistant to Ghislaine Maxwell had tried to discredit one of the four alleged victims of Epstein who was the first to testify under the pseudonym of “Jane” by recounting having been coaxed into the age 14 by the Epstein-Maxwell couple, before he sexually abused her. According to Cimberly Espinosa, “Jane” came regularly to Epstein’s office and her “relationship” with the financier fell under the “love” register. At the time, did the Epstein-Maxwell couple behave inappropriately towards minors? “Never,” said the witness.

Four women – “Jane”, “Kate”, “Carolyn” and Annie Farmer, 42, the only one to speak without a pseudonym – have exposed for two weeks part of their lives damaged by sex they say they are forced with Epstein, when they were minors, and often in the presence of Maxwell. The main argument of the defense is that the accused appears only because the real culprit, Jeffrey Epstein, ended his life at the age of 66.

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