Ghazni and Herat also fell into the hands of the Taliban

The Afghan Taliban captured 11 provincial capitals in one week, including Herat and Ghazni. The Taliban are now only 130 km from the central capital, Kabul. Before the Biden administration’s estimates, there were fears that the Ghani government would fall. A US intelligence official says the Taliban could take over Kabul in three months.

Afghan Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed in a Twitter message that the Taliban had captured Herat. The capital of Ghazni also came under the control of the Taliban, after which the Taliban took control of a total of 11 provincial capitals.

The Taliban seized control of the governor’s house, government offices, police headquarters and jail, giving safe passage to the governor and the provincial police chief under the agreement, who were arrested near Kabul.

In Farah province, Governor Masood Bakhtawar, the chief of police and the entire Afghan army brigade surrendered. After a long siege, the Taliban also took the provincial police headquarters in Lashkar Gah.

According to the Afghan Defense Ministry, 95 Taliban were killed in attacks on the Siraj Channel, Lashkar Gah, Shahi Channel, Balkh, Dehdadi and Herat.

On the other hand, General Dostum’s son, Yar Muhammad, escaped from captivity by the Taliban. Dostum claims that the Taliban have been caught in a big trap in the north, now the Dasht-e-Laila story will be repeated.

The Afghan interior minister says support will be sought from private militias against the Taliban. When the Afghan army began to withdraw, Afghan women took up arms and took to the field against the Taliban.

Saleema Mazari, governor of Charkanat district in Balkh province, also formed a private militia to fight the Taliban.

“Our people didn’t even have guns, but they sold their cows, sheep and land and bought guns and ammunition,” he said.

According to the report, the Taliban reached 130 kilometers from Kabul. A US intelligence official said the Taliban could isolate Kabul from the country in 30 days and capture it in 90 days.


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