Home Business Getting rich with golf balls: the special story of a Dutchman

Getting rich with golf balls: the special story of a Dutchman

Getting rich with golf balls: the special story of a Dutchman

There are tons of ways to make a lot of money these days. The digital age we live in offers tremendous opportunities in this regard. ChatGPT, for example, gave four more tips this week on how to make money with artificial intelligence, or AI for short. Of course, you don’t necessarily need the internet to get rich. This emerges from the exciting story of the Dutchman Nickey Dörfel. He used golf balls to propel his beak to gigantic heights.

The Dutchman comes in thanks to golf balls

Dörfel is a so-called golf ball diver and earns a lot of money with it. Throwing golf balls has always been a hobby for Dörfel, now 34, but when he was 20 he decided to try it for a living. He started his own company called “golfballennederland.nl” and collected countless golf balls from different golf courses out of the water.

He gained worldwide attention after being asked to dive golf balls at the finals of the DP World Tour Finals, a global golf tournament sponsored by a state-owned company in Dubai. With the aim of making the golf world more sustainable, he and a friend founded a new international company called “Golf Square International”.

All collected balls are stored in a 1,600 square meter warehouse. After cleaning, they are sold for between fifty cents and two euros each. Both individuals and golf shops are interested in buying these golf balls.

His company is now represented on 250 different golf courses worldwide. With around 20,000 balls found per day, you can calculate the enormous profit yourself.

However, Dörfel’s work is not easy. The alarm clock is often set for 4:00 a.m. to prevent balls from flying in his face. Earlier this week you could read on Crypto Insiders that hard work is one of the tips homemade millionaires had shared on Reddit.

contribution to the environment

In addition to the great yields, Dörfel also makes a contribution to the environment. If a golf ball sits in water for a long time, it will eventually break. It can then take hundreds or even thousands of years before the ball breaks down and the plastic particles are harmful to the environment.

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