The Getafe has in his hands one of the best full-backs in the Spanish League, he is Mathias Olivera, who this season has greatly raised his level of play to the point of being watched by many big clubs. In recent weeks there are many teams that have addressed the Madrid team to ask about the situation of the Uruguayan lane player, but the azulones have made their position very clear.

The Italian Middle’calcionapoli24‘ has reported that Napoli have made a proposal to Getafe to acquire the services of Mathías Olivera in exchange for some 10 million euros, a figure that does not convince the people of Madrid at all. The Spanish club is clear that it has a top-level winger in its hands and is not willing to give him away, it has full control over him with a contract until 2025 and has made it very clear that if it does not receive, at least, 20 million euros , will not let you go under any circumstances.

incredible performance

Although Mathias Olivera He has been at Getafe since 2017, it was not until this year that he ended up exploding and became one of the team’s most important players thanks to his great performance on the left wing. He has left one goal and three assists this season, but beyond these numbers, his game has drawn a lot of attention from the big clubs on the planet, today it is Napoli who are trying to get him out of the Coliseum, but if they don’t double their proposal, it won’t be possible .


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