Get charged £35,000 for a short Uber ride

Oliver Kaplan, a young man from Manchester, England, went to a pub after a long day at work. After having fun, he ordered an Uber to get home, as he had done many times before, but this time, he found himself charged £35,000 (~40,000 euros) for his Uber ride.

Luckily for him, he didn’t have enough funds in the bank and the transaction failed. You contacted Uber customer service because I remembered that the price the app showed when ordering the car was 11 or 12 euros.

Apparently, your destination was set to arrive in ‘Australia’, although the driver dropped it off at the expected location. So it’s not clear what happened.

It is unclear how this could have happened. If you try to plot a route to Australia, the app will not give you a quote or plan a route because… you can’t get there by car.

There have been cases where people have entered the wrong address and ended up hundreds of kilometers from their destination, but it seems that in this case the user was not to blame.

Fortunately, Uber quickly recognized the problem and charged Olivier the appropriate amount. You now have a big story for next Friday at the pub.

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