Germany: The end of the long rule of the Christian Democratic Party

In Germany, 16 years later, the Christian Democratic Party lost power and the left-wing Social Democratic Party won by a narrow margin.

Even the political alliance could not save the ruling party from defeat. After 16 years in Germany, the ruling party’s term ended, the left-wing Social Democratic Party took the field.

Despite the alliance of the Christian Democratic Union and the Social Christian Union, the Social Democratic Party alone won 205 seats and 8% more votes than in the past.

With the ouster of Angela Merkel, the Christian Democratic Party lost its majority in the election, and Olaf Schulz’s party defeated the ruling party by a narrow margin.

Olaf Schulz, head of the Social Democratic Party, says people have voted for the SDP because they want a change of government and because they want him to be the next chancellor.

Merkel’s political coalition came in second with 195 seats, while her party lost 8% of the vote.

The Green Party has also emerged as the third largest party with more than 100 seats.


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