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Germany: More than 8,000 people received saline in place of the covid vaccine

Authorities from the Lower Saxony region in Germany, reported on Tuesday that those injected with saline solution instead of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine total 8,557.

Everything happened between March and April of this year and initially 200 cases were detected. A nurse at a vaccination center in Friesland pleaded guilty.

At the end of April it was learned that the 40-year-old nurse he replaced the drug with saline solution on six occasions. The woman claimed that she did not want to report that a vial containing the drug had fallen to the floor. After she herself told a colleague, who later informed the authorities, she was dismissed by the German Red Cross.

The case has spread and now affects thousands of people. According to a statement from the Friesland website in northwestern Germany, it is possible that the woman administered “to a total of 8,557 people” with saline solution between March 5th and April 20th.

“We have to avoid hurting these people, even if we don’t know how many people were actually affected,” Friesland administrator Sven Ambrosya said. Der Tagesspiegel.

Despite not having been arrested, The police are investigating whether the action was politically motivated, as the nurse had criticized the vaccination campaign on social media. The district will email affected individuals to inquire about possible missed vaccinations.


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