Germany help Ukraine in war with Russia

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Russia-Ukraine War


  • Germany claims prolonged Russo-Ukraine war
  • Germany will continue to help Ukraine in the war against Russia
  • War going on between the two countries for six months

Germany help Ukraine in war with Russia: Nearly six months have passed since the cataclysmic war between Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine is still fighting a war with superpower Russia. The reason for this is that all European countries including America are helping him. Now in the meantime, Germany has also announced to openly help Ukraine, which is fighting a war against Russia. German Foreign Minister Annalena Barbock has assured Ukraine that it will support Ukraine in the war against Russia in the years to come, if needed.

“Unfortunately, we have to recognize that next summer season Ukraine will still need new heavy weapons from its friends,” Barbock told the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag as quoted by the DPA news agency. Ukraine is also protecting our freedom, our peace and we will continue to support them financially and militarily for as long as they are needed. This statement of Germany has angered Russia. Russia is continuously destroying major bases and cities of Ukraine. However, both the countries have suffered heavy losses in this war. But from the point of view of infrastructure, Russia has caused so much devastation in Ukraine, which will take decades to recover.

War between Russia and Ukraine can go on for years

Germany warned Ukraine to be cautious, saying the war could go on for years, but added that Russian President Vladimir Putin was delusional into thinking Ukraine would collapse within a few weeks. But Ukraine did not allow this to happen. Despite being a small country, Ukraine is fighting a superpower like Russia with full force. Ukraine has never lost its courage. That is why his bravery is being praised everywhere.

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Bairbok also defended Ukraine’s claim on the Crimean peninsula, which was illegally annexed by Russia in 2014. Crimea also belongs to Ukraine. The world has never recognized the 2014 merger, which was against international law. Barbock acknowledged that people were now feeling the consequences of Putin’s energy war in their pockets, warning the Germans against allowing war fatigue to set in six months after the war began.
Europe’s social division is part of Putin’s war. We must stop it.

America is also helping Ukraine

In this war, America is also helping Ukraine in its war against Russia. It is also providing ammunition with state-of-the-art weapons, drones and fighter jets to Ukraine. NATO countries are also helping Ukraine by providing it with all war-related weapons. So that the spirit of Ukraine remains intact. Although initially Ukraine felt quite helpless. Ukraine had even said that it is time to fight the war, nothing is going to happen with talks and promises. If America and NATO countries want to help us, give us weapons. There is no time to preach. After this, the US and NATO countries provided Ukraine with complete war material and weapons. Still helping. Now Ukraine will be boosted by the assurance of Germany.

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