Germany: an additional turn of the screw on the vaccine pass

Like Switzerland and Austria, Germany has already adopted the vaccination pass. The government has decided to strengthen it by requesting both a complete vaccination schedule and a negative test.

Germany is reaching a new milestone in its strategy to fight the spread of Covid-19: a vaccination schedule is no longer enough to access certain places, the Germans are also asked to provide a negative test. “Some Germans believe that this is starting to do a lot, that it is a duplicate measure”, details Laurent Desbonnets, live from the German capital for 19/20. It is especially people who have been fully vaccinated who find it difficult to accept this additional measure when going to restaurants, the movies or attending concerts.

“Overall, the measure is still fairly well accepted, it is seen by many as an additional security, preferable to the closure of restaurants in particular”, continues the journalist. Still difficult for the moment to know if this new rule works since it is not generalized in all the regions of the country.

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