German Portanova: "Our team works with conviction, authenticity and coherence"

Less than two months before the start of the Women’s Soccer World Cup, Germán Portanova, the technical director of the National Team, gave a talk of more than two hours together with the entirety of his work team in the main hall of the Inter-American Open University. There, the sports journalism students were able to participate in a fairly extensive round of questions in which they Very important topics were discussed such as the style of play proposed by this coaching staff, the management of social networks, the relationship with the players, issues to improve in local soccer and the analysis of rivals and expectations for the fourth World Cup. in which the Argentine National Team will participate in its history.

Portanova, who was a coach for ten years at the UAI Urquiza, highlighted three elements of his work team: conviction, authenticity and coherence. In the talk he was together with the technical assistant, the physical trainer, the goalkeeping coach and the two people who are in charge of analyzing videos and the technological part.

Regarding the idea of ​​the game, the coach emphasized the difference that still exists with the international powers: “We are still far behind internationally. We can’t compete in space because if we play with the ball we lose the ball 95 percent of the time, so we try another way.”

He also emphasized a defeat in a friendly match with Mexico in which Argentina fell 6-1: “Since that result we have improved a lot, I was sent off in that game and it is important that the coach is always there. The group has a great predisposition to be able to listen”.

Mental health It is a very important issue that is becoming more and more evident in sport and social networks many times they play a preponderant role over the expectations of the athletes: “We try to give freedom in terms of the use of networks, in every way. Maybe too much exposure can cause a headache, but I believe in freedom if we set limits. We had a talk with a professional on the subject, but we are not one to put so many limits on that.”

In 2019, the (semi) professionalization of women’s football was achieved, but the clubs have the obligation that only 15 players have a professional contract. In relation to this, the coach said: “More contracts are needed, but not all players can earn the same because not all have the same conditions. youWe have to continue improving all aspects for the evolution of the sportthat the stadiums that give another color to the sport, the training sessions, the tools of the technical bodies open up ”.

The role of the media has a preponderant role in the repercussion and dissemination of sport: “It is important that journalism also contribute. For our growth it is key that what is seen is said, the journalist who is not on the subject shows it and if the goal is a weak goal it shows, We are improving but if there are things that are done wrong, they must be said, there are mistakes and they must be highlighted in order to grow”, Portanova stated.

Argentina will be part of group G and will debut on July 24 against Italy, and then they will face South Africa and Sweden. The first goal is to win a match and the great objective is to go to the next round, which was never achieved in the three previous World Cups.

Regarding the rivals, the former coach of the UAI Urquiza declared: “They are difficult rivals, there are days when I get up and think that we are going to win all three games and others when I think about how we are going to compete with a power like Sweden”.

On how he would like them to remember Argentina’s time at this World Cup, Portanova clarified: “We are improving within what is South America, we will seek to compete differently within the World Cup, that we be remembered as we did not lose our essence, being able to stand on the pitch in a certain way and be able to play”.

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