German legislative elections: who is Olaf Scholz, who came out on top?

In Germany, Olaf Scholz, candidate of the SPD, who won the German legislative elections, could succeed Chancellor Angela Merkel. However, his party will have to make alliances to form the new government.

Sunday evening September 26, after the results of the parliamentary elections in Germany, Olaf Scholz thanked his supporters, as if the post of chancellor could no longer escape him. Victorious posture in support, he took the time to savor the first place of his party, the SPD. “Many citizens voted SPD because they want a change of government and that the next German Chancellor is called Olaf Scholz”, did he declare. At 63, it would be for him the consecration of a journey started at the age of 17 within the left party.

Long mayor of Hamburg, he was for four years in the strategic post of Minister of Finance in the coalition led by Angela Merkel. During his campaign, he did everything to make people believe that he was the Chancellor’s heir, going so far as to proclaim on his posters: “He can be chancellor.” Monday September 27, the day after the results, the Germans are more or less convinced. Olaf Scholz has indeed the reputation of being “the embodiment of boredom in politics”, as the Spiegel.

Even if it does not propose upheavals, some strong measures are promised, such as increasing the minimum wage. “Olaf Scholz is well placed today, but the hardest part remains to be done. To become chancellor, he must still come to an understanding with the Greens and the Liberals, and if he does not succeed, it will be his opponent of the CDU, Armin Laschet, who could try to form a coalition and become chancellor “, underlines the correspondent of France Televisions, Laurent Desbonnets, live from Berlin.

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